1-bedroom/1.5-bathroom condo with beach view



This is a luxurious 1-bedroom/1.5-bathroom condominium unit that offers an amazing view of the beach and an additional loft for more space. The unit offers a balcony. Appliances and utensils are supplied for in house cooking and eating in the spacious kitchen, which is complete with appliances.


Complex amenities: The complex includes 216 units; Hard-surface tennis courts; Fresh-water swimming pool; Secluded sandy beach; 150 slip marina (Vessels up to 100 feet can be accommodated).


The Bimini's....

Are a tiny group of islands, consisting of North and South Bimini, Cat Cay and Gun Cay. They are located 48 miles east of Miami, Florida, on the edge of the Gulf Stream (deep-sea fishing territory) with the Great Bahama Bank (bonefish haunt) at its back door. The waters of this little chunk of The Bahamas spawn some of the largest game fish in the world. It has an area of 9 sq. miles and a population of 1,638.

Game Fishing Capital of the World

What we think of as Bimini is actually two separate islands, North and South Bimini, separated by a shallow, narrow channel. North Bimini, the focus of the population and activities, consists of a strip of land 7 miles long and no wider than 700 yards. South Bimini, has a small airstrip and two hotels. As a result, it's silent and rustic, while still offering easy access via water to the North Bimini happenings.

Despite the fact that Bimini is the Bahamian island closest to the United States, sitting only 48 miles east of Miami, its easy way of life is reminiscent of the past. The island is draped with a slightly remote, put-your-feet-up-and-dream atmosphere that is characteristic of the Out Islands.

Bimini began as a rendezvous for rum runners and wreckers who plundered the ships that ran aground reefs. Today, the wrecks of Spanish galleons make for fascinating dive sites along with black coral, exotic fish and a mysterious stone formation that some say is the lost continent of Atlantis.

Alice Town, the "commercial centre" of Bimini, consists of a single quiet road called the King's Highway, lined with a few small necessity shops, a half dozen local restaurants and an equal number of funky, down home bars. During fishing tournaments and other high times, the street can get a little bit wild, but it's usually just you strolling down the King's Highway, savoring the aroma of baking bread and the company of the pelicans.

Nightlife is usually laid back. The most energy-consuming thing going on outdoors is usually bar hopping between the Compleat Angler (live music several nights a week) and the End of the World.

During tournaments, the whole island lives and breathes angling; it's difficult to find someone to talk to who won't, at the very least, pepper his or her conversation with fishing terms and wonder idly where they're biting. Fishing in Bimini is absolutely unparalleled for the size and variety of the catch. Sailfish, tuna, wahoo: in fact over 50 world records have been set in these waters, the inspiration for Ernest Hemingway's Islands In The Stream. All ocean fisherman worth their salt must fish Bimini at least once a lifetime.

Visitors must supply their own food and beverages as well  as personal hygiene products. A limited supply of perishables and groceries are available in North and South Bimini. If you are flying to Bimini, Customs allows the importation of $100.00 per person of food stuffs duty free each trip. Included in this allowance is a limitation of one case of beer and one carton of cigarettes.

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